Barış Park Ground

Barış Park Ground

Barış Park Ground

Barış Park Ground

Barış Park Ground

Polyurethane Floor Covering

The sports fields made in a closed area, basketball, volleyball, reducing the effect of the reduction can be used in football and tennis courts, blow the damping characteristic, which prevents injuries caused by falls, protect, depending on the flexible, stylish, reliable, healthy, practical cleaning, non-slip, weather conditions, is resistant to heat and chemical change is the most suitable material used in a closed area floorings.

Because of its flexible characteristic, it does not cause hardening on the muscles of the people. Ensuring less fatigue of the muscles increases the time to do sports.


The polyurethane coating provides a jointless look by spreading on the ground.

The absence of seam provides heat and noise insulation.

Practical application.

Long life and durable to wear

Before application, the soil of the area must be free from dust and moisture.

After applying it will be water and moisture proof for infrastructure and concrete

They hold tightly to the floor with adhesive properties.

Does not expand between -30 ° C and + 80 ° C and the surface is never unstuck from the surface it holds

Polyurethane floor coverings take thier long life thanks to their own inside chemicals which never rots and not producing bacteria. As it is easy to clean, it is hygienic and healthy.

The applied surface patterns, colors remain the same as 10 years long, and they surprise you.